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About us

PL help me is a non-government organization. We are here to help the children for their better future. We are contributing our effort for the orphanage since many years. We have more than thousands of children under our umbrella. It is good to know that PL helps me is among the best serving NGO of Australia. There are many events organized by us for the betterment of the children, it is also great full to know that people in Australia and other parts of the world contribute handsome efforts in these events.

Why select PL to help me

We are a trustworthy organization and are working for the betterment of the children. We have made many people step forward for this purpose. The best part of PL help me is that we assure the development of the children. During our events, many people come forward in order to help the organization. As an NGO runs on public funds, and the public will donate the funds to a trustworthy organization. So without any doubt, one can say that PL help me is really working for the children. Through these kinds of organizations, one will be aware of the life which is different from their luxurious life.


we are focused on the quality and the quantity of the food that is accurate for the child. The timing of the meals is well set and also the children have flexible options for their meal time. As we believe that a healthy meal will lead to a healthy life so, we never take any step back in order to develop a healthy life


children are well provided with good health services. We provide them with the best health services. We make sure that none of the children of our group is left uncared. The best part of our NGO is that we organize a regular checkup of our children.


apart from the health and food, the accommodation area is also be concerned. We provide good living conditions with all the necessaries requirements. Our aim for accommodation is that we focus on providing a comfortable living area to the children.

Who we are

We are a team from the viewpoint of the world but we are family from our own viewpoint. We focus on the betterment of the kids as a team. There is no one as a leader of the team. Everyone is a leader and everyone is a subordinate.

What we do

Well, it is quite tough to explain what we do. But in short, we do all the necessaries for the children that an ordinary rarely does. We care about the future of the kids that are growing in our campus.

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for those helpless childrens who need it